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Creating an emblem for your brand is a critical step in establishing your identity in the marketplace. However, even the most experienced designers can fall into common traps that detract from the effectiveness of an emblem. Smashing Magazine highlights ten frequent mistakes in emblem design that can undermine your branding efforts and offer solutions to avoid them.

10 Frequent Mistakes In Emblem Design

1. Overcomplication

A complex design can confuse your audience, making it hard for them to remember or even recognize your brand.

Solution: Simplify your design. Stick to a few key elements that convey your brand’s message clearly.

2. Trend Chasing

Trends can be tempting to follow, but they make your emblem look dated once the trend passes.

Solution: Focus on timeless design principles that reflect your brand’s values and longevity.

3. Neglecting Versatility

An emblem must work across various media and scales, from business cards to billboards.

Solution: Design with versatility in mind. Ensure your emblem is legible and impactful at any size and on any platform.

4. Inappropriate Color Use

Colors convey emotions and messages. The wrong choice can send the wrong message about your brand.

Solution: Understand color psychology and choose a palette that aligns with your brand’s personality and industry standards.

5. Ignoring Target Audience

An emblem that doesn’t resonate with your intended audience will fail to make a connection.

Solution: Research your audience thoroughly and design with their preferences and expectations in mind.

6. Poor Font Choices

Typography is a powerful tool in emblem design. A wrong font can completely alter the perception of your brand.

Solution: Choose fonts that reflect your brand’s character and are legible across all applications.

7. Lack of Originality

Using generic symbols or elements can make your emblem forgettable and blend in with the competition.

Solution: Strive for originality in your design. Unique emblems are more memorable and can stand out in a crowded marketplace.

8. Forgetting Scalability

A great emblem should be effective both in large formats and when scaled down to the size of a favicon.

Solution: Test your design at various sizes to ensure it maintains its integrity and effectiveness.

9. Disregarding Brand Consistency

Your emblem should be a coherent part of your overall brand identity, not a standalone element.

Solution: Ensure your emblem aligns with your brand’s other visual and communicative elements for consistent messaging.

10. DIY Design Without Expertise

Designing an emblem without the necessary skills can result in a subpar product that fails to capture your brand’s essence.

Solution: Consider investing in a professional designer or agency with the expertise to bring your vision to life effectively.


Avoiding these common mistakes can dramatically improve the effectiveness of your emblem design. Remember, a well-designed emblem is a crucial component of your brand’s identity, and it deserves careful thought, creativity, and professional execution. By paying attention to simplicity, timelessness, versatility, and audience alignment, you can create an emblem that truly represents your brand and stands the test of time.

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